Do Men Use Hair Dryer?

Do men use hair dryers to take care of their hair or to style it? This is a question people have been asking for a long time. Societal beliefs and old age thinking makes it a taboo for men to use products such as hair dryers or hair straightening appliances. It is generally considered to be feminine and not really made for a “man”. We can always term this as toxic masculinity.

To answer the question whether men really use a hair dryer, the answer is always a yes and a big one that too. Men who do not use hair dryers are one who either don’t know how to use one, are not very concerned about the regimen of hair care or are not comfortable using a hair dryer because they consider it a taboo.

Irrespective of gender, a hair dryer can be used. For people who keep longer hair, it is one of the most important hair appliances.

When searching for men’s hair transplant clinics or men’s hair restoration, a common question asked is if they can use hair dryers on transplanted and pre existing hair. A lot of studies have shown that women tend to use more of the hair related appliances when in comparison to men. Hence, a lack of information or no use of the product causes men to question regarding its validity and its functionality.

There is no harm in using the hair dryers until some very important tips are not overlooked. Hair appliances that use heat can cause damage to the hair. Therefore, one must be careful to use the heat appliances at a very low heat range. If the heat is intense while being used then it can cause damage to the hair. This may result in the hair becoming dry, brittle and vulnerable to damage. It can also look unnatural and dull.

Using heat protectant sprays can also help prevent the hair from getting damaged due to heat. Blow drying uses warm air to dry the hair, hence an intense amount of heat can cause hair damage by frying the hair.

There are many ways in which hair dryers can help men.

The use of hair dryers can help give the men a new look for their hairstyles. Hair dryers can help give the hair different directions while being styled.

To prevent frying the hair or to protect the hair from damage, hair dryers can be used in a proper manner. While using a blow dryer, they should be used at least 6 inches away from the hair. This will prevent hair damage due to the heat.

The hair dryer should not be used for too long on the hair. It can be used judiciously on the hair. Using the hair dryer on the hair for a long time can cause hair damage. It should be used for a time as short as possible. The heat setting on the blow dryer can be kept at a medium or a low. You should just use the dryer and set the hair. Then after the desired result, one should stop using the hair dryer.

You should decide the hairstyle that you want and work your dryer to get the desired hairstyle. If you have not yet decided the hairstyle the you might end up over using the dryer and thus damaging your hair.

It is also advisable to use hair creams after using the hair dryer to keep the hair moisturised.

Through the years of hair styling, the hair tends to follow the direction in which it has been tamed to be in. Usually, men tend to use products such as hair styling gels, hair creams and other such elements to style their hair into the direction that they want. Since the hair are already accustomed to be in a particular direction since childhood, it requires a lot of effort and a lot of product to achieve the desired result. Even then sometimes, the hair, after being styled with the help of a lot of products, falls back into its normal direction. Thus, ruining the hairstyle. There is a simple trick by which we can achieve the direction that we want and 4he hairstyle that we choose. That is by using a hair dryer for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Men can blow dry the wet hair in the direction that they would want them to be in. When the hair eventually starts to dry with the use of a hair dryer, they will naturally fall into the direction that has been set with the use of the hair dryer. This makes it easy for men to maintain their hairstyles throughout the day without much effort. Also, a lesser amount of product will be required on the hair as the hair will already be very manageable. When we dry the hair with the use of a hair dryer, it also makes it easy for us to apply products. It helps with even application since rhe hair will not be damp and hence prevents clumping of the product.

There are many advantages of using a hair dryer for men. It can help in straightening the hair without the use of a straightening appliance. Using a hair dryer can help achieve any hairstyle that you would want without much hassle and effort. The use of a hair dryer can give a lot of volume to the hair.

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