How To Butterfly Easy Drawings For 2 Year Olds

Easy Drawings For 2 Year Olds are many unique and lovely creatures in nature, both large and tiny, that you can admire.

Few of these species, out of the entire list, have the stunningly beautiful variation that butterflies do. Easy Drawings For 2 Year Olds insects appear in various forms, dimensions, and patterns, but the patterns on their wings are among the most intricate and vibrant in all of nature.

Butterfly Drawing Tutorial

This makes them popular subjects for depiction in art, and learning to sketch a butterfly is a beautiful place to start.

Continue reading to learn how to make lovely artwork with this incredible bug as the subject. You can begin drawing these lovely creatures by following our detailed instructions on sketching a butterfly in just six simple stages.

Step By Step Butterfly Drawing

  • We will start this tutorial on how to sketch a butterfly by simply sketching the tips of the wings.
  • To create a shape with a tiny opening on the inner side, each wing will be drawn using a curved line. The shapes will be smaller at these interior edges before becoming more expansive as they grow.
  • Try your hardest to make these shapes appear symmetrical, and once you’re satisfied that they resemble our reference picture, move on to step 2!


  • Next, sketch the wing’s lower halves.
  • We will now draw the bottom portions of the wings that you sketched in the previous stage of this butterfly drawing.
  • To achieve this, we will give the base of each top section a smaller, rounded shape.
  • Each of these shapes will start close to the top shapes’ outer edges and enlarge inward until they reach the middle, where they will stop.
  • The butterfly’s body will later fit into this area in the center; we’ll draw that shortly!


  • Draw the butterfly’s body in Step 3 of the drawing.
  • The body of this insect will soon be drawn, as we mentioned in the previous stage of this tutorial on how to sketch a butterfly.
  • We are adding that right now, and we will keep our word!
  • Start by sketching a small, rounded figure with two oval eyes on either side of the skull. Make another oval form beneath this one to represent the body’s center.
  • Following that, you can sketch the butterfly’s six curved legs (three on either side of this section).
  • Draw a final long, thin oval segment representing the insect’s abdomen, and then move on to step 4 of this lesson.


  • Following that, sketch the wing’s ornamentation.
  • We’ve finished outlining the body and wings of this draught butterfly drawing, and now it’s time for the drawing’s most imaginative elements!
  • We’ll concentrate on creating and coloring the patterns for the wings in the following stages.
  • Maintaining this drawing’s symmetry is advised, as we stated earlier in the guide, and this is particularly true for this decoration.
  • In the top portions of our example picture, we used some circular shapes with smaller circles inside of them.
  • These circles were then surrounded by a complex pattern made of a succession of curved lines. When you’ve completed these patterns, move on to the following section, where we’ll fill in the lower half of the wings.


  • Finish up your butterfly drawing by adding the last few features.
  • You can now add the last few elements to this tutorial on sketching a butterfly. You’ll be ready for the next stage, which is some coloring fun.
  • The lower halves of the wings were then embellished with additional circular shapes surrounded by curved line designs to finish off the design.
  • As it looks in our example image, you can copy our design if you like it.
  • You could also add some personal touches to make a unique butterfly pattern at this stage!
  • You could add a background to make this fantastic illustration even more dynamic.
  • What do you envision yourself doing to complete this picture?

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