How to care your hair?

How to care your hair?

No one can give your hair the best look except shiny hair because shiny hair is considered to be a sign of their health from afar, but it is also true that shiny hair naturally belongs to everyone. I don’t come and for that you have to change your beauty routine a lot and in today’s age of mechanization it is very difficult to pay attention to hair So if you want long, thick and shiny hair, then you have to spend a lot of time taking care of your hair, not “anything”.

Those who desperately want to have healthy and shiny hair do not hesitate to follow the instructions and tips of everyone who manages to improve their hair and this is the real cause of destruction. Your hair is already weak and yet the fraction is made up by your experiences. So remember to always follow the procedure that follows the advice of a specialist.

Completely wet hair is very delicate, avoid brushing too much in it as hair breaks more at this time. Gently dry wet hair first and then use a wide toothbrush. Do not use a comb because if your hair is weak, the comb will tangle and break the weak hair.

Always use the same shampoo that your doctor has chosen for you. Never use hot water when shampooing your hair.

Don’t brush your hair too much, especially women who follow the combing tips a hundred times a day. Remember that this is the only way to break your hair.

If your hair is too dry, avoid washing it daily.

Apply conditioner to your hair regularly and if your hair is split ends, cut them immediately. This type of hair should be cut after a certain period of time as the two ends of the hair are the main obstacle in their growth. Leave the conditioner on the hair for a while so that it can do its job well.

Massage into the hair with lukewarm oil at least once a week but if your hair is weak then avoid massaging again and again. If your hair turns round from the scalp, it is also a sign of weakening of the hair, so cut them in the right amount and straighten them so that your straight hair can reflect the sunlight directly and give a shiny look. Whenever you shampoo your hair, use cold water as it is also good for your brain and hair roots and you can get more shine by washing your head with cold water than with hot water.

Avoid using hair styling products as much as possible as this can lead to various negative effects on your hair. In this way, the shine of your hair is also in constant danger. Before using any hair styling gel, get permission from your hair specialist to use it. Also, hair coloring is a serious problem, which is taken very lightly, but it also affects the health of straight hair. Is the case Most ladies and gentlemen also dye their hair at home. They may do this with their budget, to save their time, but this is tantamount to enmity with their hair, because whenever you dye your hair, your hair. Actually has to go through an experimental phase like which hair color you are using and whether you have studied the ingredients in it or not.

Hair that uses hair color is protected by special procedures so that your hair color lasts longer. Use a type of shampoo and conditioner that is chemically mild and does not cause much damage to your hair color to prevent the colors from fading.

Avoid going out in the sun with a hair color or use a cap before going out in the sun as the sun fades the colors very fast.

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