Summer Apparel 2022 – Women’s Apparel 2022

It is the right of women to look beautiful and attractive. Women cannot think of giving up this right at any cost. This is not a matter of today. They have adopted methods, so that they are at the forefront of the race for the best.
In addition to good humour and attractive appearance, the role of dress is also important in refining the personality, therefore women pay special attention to dress.In summer, such clothes are chosen, which not only gives a feeling of coolness and happiness, but also adds four moons to the personality. Thus, different types of clothes are seen in every season, but in hot weather, some It looks more diverse and colorful, but it would be more appropriate to say that the style of dress also reflects the colors of the season and thus with the change of weather, the personality of women also harmonizes with the dress. Goes
In summer, lawn clothes are mostly preferred. Even in lawn, printed lawn is the center of attention of women. By the way, lawn two piece suits are also available in the market, but three piece suits look more attractive.
Choosing colors for clothing is also one of the most difficult steps, so it is important to know what color suits the personality and what color clothes to wear in which season.Summer clothing should be such that the personality does not look attractive as well as the severity of the weather and the dress is also suitable for the occasion. Soft or light colors are characteristic of summer clothes. Attempts are made to reduce the intensity, which is also successful. The bright rays of the sun are not absorbed in these colors, thus the wearer feels cool and the viewer also feels pleasant.Many other light colors are common in summer, including pink, green, sky blue, light yellow, almond, and light orange.
The color white is the most important part of summer fashion. The bright white color gives a feeling of sophistication and purity. Along with printed shirts and dark colored plain shirts, fashion is given a new dimension.The easiest way to wear dark colored clothes in summer is to wear them with white clothes.
Darker colors are not widely used in summer, however, if the same colors are worn with light colors, they look great. They can also be worn at celebrations. Can be worn with light green and black with white or cream and pink colors. Depending on the age, the choice of colors is easy. For young girls, it is fun, while for middle-aged women, apart from luxurious lawns, cotton, argundi and chunri garments are also preferred. Special for summer and relatively cotton. Fabrics are made. It is often decorated with oxen, hand embroidery and machine embroidery. Cotton fabrics are highly preferred, as they are light and airy.In the past, thread embroidery on cotton fabrics was very popular in summer. Even today, light embroidery is preferred. New changes are pleasing to the mind.
Argundi suits are also sewn with bulls. Argandi suits come in different colors and are worn with white or any other color.In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. Saree suits are also preferred in the style of Argandy, especially the shirt and dupatta of this fabric which is worn with white or any other colored shalwar. This style is perfect for summer afternoon celebrations.
Chunri, by the way, is not out of fashion in any season, however, it is used in summer only for the occasion and occasion, as its colors are dark, so avoid wearing them as much as possible in summer. It is done, but the chunri looks good when worn with a simple suit because of its beautiful colors.
Because summer clothes are light, they start to wrinkle soon after they are worn and these clothes lose their life very quickly due to their softness, so if they are used with a cliff It also improves the appearance of the clothes and makes them easier to handle and use.
It is not fashionable to wear a lawn or light cotton at a summer night party, but Georgette is used on such occasions.The light georgette is worn with the design, which looks great. Georgette of all colors is used in the summer, but even lighter colors are preferred in the summer. Special care is taken not to make the style feel heavy. The lighter the design, the more elegant the suit will look. T-shirts are considered better in summer because they can effectively protect the hands from the harmful rays of the sun.

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