Summer makeup style 2023

Summer makeup style 2023

Make-up plays an important role in the beauty women

But every season has its own make-up technique. That is why one should take care of the weather while applying make-up.
If the make-up stays fresh for a long time and does not have to be repaired again and again, then it means that it is a good and successful make-up. The use of cosmetics, basic techniques and seasonal make-up will keep you confident in every occasion, festival or event as well as keep you calm and highlight the desired beauty of the face.
Here are just a few simple tips to help you get the most out of summer makeup.

There is no doubt that these simple tips will give your skin a beautiful look.
Afternoon make-up
in hot weather and also in the afternoon make-up and it seems very difficult to maintain, but if the following principles are followed, there is no doubt that you will be able to do the best make-up.Sun exposure can burn your skin, so you should use sunscreen regularly. When you apply sunscreen, apply creamy golden face powder on your face. This face powder reduces the natural oils on your face. And it prevents it from appearing. Then apply bronzer on the face. It gives glue to your skin. Should be used to match the tone.Use light colored eye shadows over the eyes like light brown, light gray or patch color. When applying eye shadows on the eyes, also apply shades on the inner corners of the eyes. Apply light pink or patch color lipstick on the lips while completing your make-up. If you do not want to apply lipstick, you can use lip gloss from the above mentioned colors.
Summer Functions
In this regard, you can use moisturizer, BB cream and bronzer on your face. BB cream and mild moisturizer make-up base in the best combination, both of them show magical effect on the skin, it is also beneficial in summer. It gives a light layer on your face which makes the skin feel alive.If you have oily skin, use BB cream and moisturizer with face powder. After that you can start your eye make-up and you don’t need any heavy eye make-up because you They do not want your eye makeup to melt and get on your eyes and face in summer. Therefore, it is better to use waterproof smile and eyeliner for your eye makeup.Lipstick can be used in the final stages of make-up.
Makeup In a short time,
first apply moisturizer on your face with the help of your finger tips, then apply patch color blush wool on your cheeks. The whole thing will come out. Curl your eyelids and apply two coats of smile. If you have time, give your eyebrows a proper shape with the help of eye pencil. Shaping the eyebrows gives a clean look.Then use a light colored gloss at the end.
Apply a morning make-up
primer that protects you from the sun’s rays and gives you a smooth tone. It works best to prevent heat stroke. Apply golden mineral powder on top of it to give your skin a finishing look. With the help of your two middle fingers, apply blush wool from the cheeks to the ears, ie to the back. The best way is to apply blush wool with a smile.Waterproof liner can be the best choice for eye makeup when you have less time and need to finish makeup quickly. The best way to apply liner is to pull the outer corner of the eye with your finger. And apply liner from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner and try to keep this liner close to your eyelids. With constant practice you will become an expert in applying liner.Use red cream lipstick on the lips to finish the make-up.
For night make-up
, use foundation first and then apply concealer to hide the blemishes on the face. It is also applied around the dark circles around the eyes. Apply a primer to help your makeup last longer.Thus, for dinner make-up, “Smoky Eyes” is considered to be the best eye make-up. For this, you may need a lot of eye shadows. Apply it will help to highlight your eyes. Then apply any light shade near the inner part of the eyes. This will make your eyes look bigger and more prominent. If you want, apply the same light shade on the lower part of your eyes. You can also form a line on it, it will further help to hide the circles under your eyes.Then apply any dark color such as black shades from the outer corner of the eye to the outline of the eye and between the eyelids and spread it by pressing with the help of finger. This will give you a blurred impression. And use a deep color and apply it on the eyes like a liner and spread it with the help of your fingers so that your smoky make-up will be complete then you can curl your lashes. Use a special black (mascara). Apply a light colored eye pencil to shape the eyebrows. Apply a nice blush wool but don’t forget to blend it. It is more appropriate to use gloss instead of lipstick.

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